A center for building knowledge and boosting sustainable transformation

Discover 2050NOW La Maison, a place for developing and sharing scientific knowledge on ecological issues and the transformation of economic models.


2050NOW La Maison accelerates solutions and scientific innovations for businesses’ sustainable transformation.

Our ambition is to put the living world, people and nature at the centre of corporate strategies.

Our approach

Observe to understand

2050NOW La Maison stems from Netexplo, a global observatory that has supported businesses since 2007 in partnership with UNESCO.

2050NOW La Maison draws on its unique network of businesses and universities to spot promising innovations, make sense of emerging trends and support businesses in their digital and sustainable transformation.

Act to reinvent

Businesses need to redefine their criteria for success, factoring sustainability and the planetary boundaries into new economic models.

2050NOW La Maison identifies, analyses and shares the components needed to boost solutions, best practices and new business models.

Train to transform

Learning is a transformation lever for both businesses and society.

2050NOW La Maison produces training, conferences and webinars with corporations and leading partner universities to meet the issues facing managers, operators and executives.

Our services

2050NOW La Maison's services are primarily designed to enable large and medium size companies to speed up their sustainable transformation.

Global Trends

A global observatory on promising innovations and emerging trends that support digital and sustainable transformation.

Future skills

Training courses co-developed with renowned university partners and companies in support of business transformations.

Next leaders & models

Knowledge sharing, workshops and do-tanks to exchange best practices and accelerate solutions.

Our founding partners

2050NOW La Maison's ambitious project is made possible by the support of its founding partners and their commitment to far-reaching transformation.

Founding knowledge partners

Academic partners


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